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New-gen cross-chain protocol
The first fully composable native asset cross-chain AMM with unified liquidity built on top of the Axelar network.
InterSwap enables secure seamless swaps of native assets across chains with a single transaction without intermediary chain, bridge or asset.
InterSwap purpose
Automated non-custodial cross-chain portfolio manager
1 click
2 minutes
single transaction trustless swap
Open cross-chain markets
InterSwap is a permissionless Automated Market Maker. Anyone can create a cross-chain pool with any native or ERC20 typed tokens
Security & Autonomous
InterSwap is implemented as a set of persistent, non-upgradable, open-source smart contracts deployed across supported networks
No Intermediaries
InterSwap does not rely on wrapped/pegged assets, bridge tokens or intermediate chains
Multi-Asset pools
InterSwap introduces two types of cross-chain multiple asset pools: Weighted Pools for non-pegged tokens and Stable Pools for 1:1 pegged tokens
Cross-Chain Smart Routing
InterSwap aggregates legacy liquidity and enables any-to-any swaps using its own liquidity and cross-chain generic messaging to become a one stop solution for all cross-chain swaps.
Chain agnostic
Interswap Protocol supports any type of blockchain and has coverage over EVM, non-EVM, Solana, Cosmos, Sui, Aptos and etc blockchains.
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